Mary Bernard

social content marketer
with training in audience engagement journalism

Founded and executed the social media team at The Observer, Notre Dame’s daily paper.
First Los Angeles Times audience intern to accompany the video and entertainment teams to Comic-Con.
Now, a social content manager at Media Logic, a marketing agency in Albany, New York.

Social Media

Creating a social media plan for The Observer, Notre Dame’s daily, independent paper, from home.

I found social media and audience engagement during a communications internship. Now, I live and breathe social. I think having a grasp of social media and audience is essential in this age of journalism.

Writing & Reporting

Conducting an unexpected phone interview in the souq in Rabat, Morocco.

I’ve been reporting my entire life — I have a notebook from when I was 7 full of interviews I conducted with my family. I’ve learned a lot since then, but I have the same driving force: I love to tell people’s stories.

Video, Audio and Photo

Getting ready to cover a story at night on Notre Dame’s campus, camera in hand.

While at Notre Dame, I took classes in photography, audio and videography, and was able to put it to work in my reporting. Even my senior thesis was a five-episode podcast series about Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Through audience engagement, I want to give others the tools to understand the world and people around them.

Learn more about me.

Recently, I finished my senior thesis, a 5-episode podcast series on Mayor Pete Buttigieg, his run for president and the impact on his hometown of South Bend. Listen here.

To keep up with my latest work, follow me on Twitter.

About Me

I’m a 2020 graduate from Notre Dame. I am working in social media content management for healthcare and financial services companies.

More about me

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Recently, I’ve interned at the L.A. Times and the Brookings Institution and the Dallas Morning News. I’m currently a social content manger in Albany, New York.

My work history

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